Issue 7: More than just double: health service utilisation and patient costs for women who have twins

ISSN: 2652-5518By Emily Callander, Lucas Calais-Ferreira, Haylee Fox, Sue Malta, John Hopper Summary Medical advancements and increasing age at first pregnancy have contributed to a worldwide increase in multiple births. However, there is very little information available about the costs associated with having more than one baby at a time, and the potential financial impact […]

Health Behaviours Questionnaire

Eligibility: All adult twins currently living in Australia.  This study aims to understand why and how people in Australia access healthcare services and professionals. We’re particularly interested in understanding reasons why, or why not, individuals participate in available screening programs. By studying twins, we can see whether these behaviours are found in families, and what […]

New discoveries into the origins of identical twins

An international group of researchers has made ground-breaking discoveries into the origins of identical twins. “Identical twins are considered a ‘miracle’ of nature and we’ve not fully understood the biological processes that lead to their formation,” Deputy Director of Twins Research Australia, Professor Jeff Craig said. Identical twins originate from one egg cell that splits […]

Top 10 research priorities for multiple-birth families

Multiple-birth experts from around the world have identified where urgent research is needed to improve health outcomes for twins, triplets and higher-order multiples. In a world-first initiative, supported by Twins Research Australia, a paper published today outlines the top 10 global research priorities for multiple-birth health and how these priorities were chosen from wide-ranging suggestions across 31 […]