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Our videos showcase the unique lives of twins and their families; why twins are so important to health research; and the many fascinating studies and findings of our researchers.

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Our Patron Princess Mary

HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has been the International Patron of Twins Research Australia since 2013. View how she has supported twin studies for more than a decade:

Insight into twins

This two-part series looks at what the latest research about twins can tell us about ourselves. Over 500,000 viewers tuned in, making it one of the most popular episodes ever of SBS-TV’s Insight program. View here

It’s a twin thing

This fascinating documentary about twins from ABC-TV’s premier science program, Catalyst, looks at why twins are so important to health research. TRA researchers and members feature in this special episode available on ABC iView

The challenges of raising quads and quins

What happens after four or more siblings share a womb? This special episode of SBS-TV’s Insight considers the challenges and triumphs in families raising quadruplets and quintuplets. It explores the hype, trauma and logistics; and the incomparable bonds between siblings. View here