Issue 6: Conducting clinical trials in twin populations: working with twins and their families

ISSN: 2652-5518By Lisa Yelland, Paulo Ferreira, Lucas Ferreira, Katrina Scurrah, Monica Rankin, Jane Denton, Merryl Harvey, Katherine J Lee, Evie Kendal, Jeffrey M Craig Main points  Summary This article discusses the design and implementation of randomised controlled trials which involve only twins, of which very few have been conducted. We outline specific designs that can […]

Issue 3: School achievement in literacy and numeracy: Insights from research using the twin design

ISSN: 2652-5518By Brian Byrne Main points  Summary The aim of this article is to summarise what twin research has taught us about Australians’ school achievement, and to outline the implications for students themselves and their families, for teachers and educational policymakers, and for the broader public as it debates education and its funding. Here I […]