Become a fundraiser

Fundraising has never been so fun and easy!

Get creative, brainstorm fun ideas, gather support from your twin, families and friends and start fundraising for a great cause today! Make a huge difference in people’s lives by helping to find cures faster.

As a twin, you are the ideal person to encourage others to donate to a cause that you’re passionate about. Most people don’t realise that twin research is not just for twins but benefits everyone.

You may like to hold a morning tea at your work during Multiple Birth Awareness Week, at your book club, or your twins’ school or sporting club, join in a fun run and be sponsored by friends – the possibilities are endless to help in small ways that make a big difference.

The TRA team is here to help. Please let us know of your fundraising event and we can help with small gifts for your guests (e.g. TRA pens), handouts about twin research etc. We may also be able to help with promoting your event.

Twins Research Australia relies on the generous support of the community to help us continue our important work.

To start fundraising, contact