Leave a bequest

As a twin – or a parent, relative or friend of twins – what better way to leave a lasting legacy than to support future research involving twins.

After you’ve provided for your loved ones, please consider leaving a gift in your Will to Twins Research Australia.

How a gift in your Will can make a difference

A bequest to TRA will help us to continue to place twin studies at the forefront of health and medical research for generations to come. Twin research has the power to transform our understanding of disease and to contribute to cures to benefit all of humankind.

TRA relies upon the generosity of people like you. While TRA currently receives short-term grants through the government, it does not cover all of our operating costs or research priorities……and there is no certainty that this support will continue in the long-term.

Your gift through a bequest can make a very real difference. With a safe financial future, TRA is better able to support more and diverse research to address the most pressing health concerns of our world both now and into the future.

Meryl is a twin and TRA member who suffered a life-threatening illness and chose to leave a bequest to TRA as a lasting contribution to finding cures and helping others. Read her story here

Why choose Twins Research Australia?

TRA is unique – we are the only dedicated facility in Australia bringing twins and researchers together for vital health research to benefit the health of everyone.

There is no more powerful way to investigate genetic and environmental influences on health and disease than twin research. Twin research has contributed to important insights into just about every known medical condition including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, epilepsy, asthma, cancer and mental health.

Twin research is also at the forefront of new technologies that have the potential to deliver breakthrough understanding of disease prevention and treatment. Through epigenetic research, for example, twins are teaching us that the way genes affect our health is not fixed and can be changed by the environment.

Twin research offers the potential to fast-track research and to find cures faster. Twins bring known genetic and environmental factors to a study, thus saving time and resources in establishing base-line data for research. Also our state-of-the-art database of 75,000 volunteer twins – one of the biggest in the world – matches eligible twins to relevant research projects. This means researchers don’t have to undertake their own time-consuming and costly searches for study participants. 

How can I find out more?

If you would like to talk confidentially to someone about including TRA in your Will, you can call TRA’s Lynette Walker on 0413-387-170 or email her at lynettew@unimelb.edu.au.

Lynette can discuss with you, without any obligation, the ways in which you can leave a bequest to us and what your bequest will achieve.

If you intend leaving a gift or have already included TRA in your Will, please let us know so that we can thank you and recognise your contribution in your lifetime. This will also help us to effectively plan for TRA’s financial future. Full confidentiality can be assured if that is your wish.