GenV (Generation Victoria)

Eligibility: All children born in Victoria between 4th October 2021 and 3rd October 2023

GenV, short for Generation Victoria (, is a research project from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. All Victorian children born over two years (October 2021 – October 2023) and their parents are invited to take part. This includes multiple birth families! Currently, more than 100,000 Victorians are already taking part in GenV.

GenV will give a complete picture of the health and wellbeing of an entire generation and help researchers answer some of the most important questions facing Victorian children and parents. It aims to help find faster and better ways to predict, prevent and treat many health problems.  Very big projects like GenV are already helping older adults around the world, and we hope GenV will help children and families in Victoria too.

What is involved?

Being part of GenV is simple, in fact most of GenV happens in the background. If you agree to join, GenV will bring together information already collected by other services. They also check in with your family a few times a year and you may also be invited to studies working with GenV. They always store your information safely and securely. By being a GenV family, you can help researchers find answers to complex health and wellbeing issues faced by families in Victoria. This means that GenV takes little effort from you but creates meaningful change for families. You can learn more about taking part in GenV on their project’s website:

How is TRA working with GenV?

GenV and TRA are inviting families with twin or multiple births to join both projects. Joining a twin registry to a population study like GenV is unique. Together, TRA and GenV will enable more studies that help understand how genes and environment shape health and development for all children. TRA is excited that the experiences of families with multiple births will be represented in both TRA and GenV.  

Who is eligible?

All children born in Victoria between 4th October 2021 and 3rd October 2023 and their parents.

Would you like to get involved?

Learn more or join GenV here:
If you would like to participate in both GenV and TRA, please contact us.