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Our researchers, with the help of twins, are working tirelessly to fast-track discoveries in medical fields with global impact such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and mental health.

There are many ways to support the unique work of our researchers - whether you are an individual, twin, parent, community or work group, or business. By joining forces, we can make a world of difference.

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Twins Research Australia relies on the generous support of our dedicated volunteers. Our members primarily volunteer for research studies. We thank you because without this support our research would not be possible.

But some of our members like to volunteer in other ways too. Every contribution supports us to continue our health research to find cures faster.

Ways to volunteer

Make a difference to the health of other twins as well as the whole community.

Get involved, and use your skills and experience, in shaping Twins Research Australia’s future by becoming a Friend of TRA. 

  • Volunteer to help at special twin events

Sometimes TRA holds special twin events like forums, seminars, and festivals. It’s great to have help with setting up, meeting and greeting guests, manning a twin research exhibit etc – and to meet other twins and the TRA team.

  • Become a media personality for the day

As you would know, there is a fascination with twins and we regularly receive requests from the media seeking interesting twin stories. If you are happy to be interviewed by the media, perhaps about your help in a twin research study, please let us know. You’ll be helping us to spread the word about the importance of twins to medical advances- and have fun too.

You may like to hold a morning tea at your work, your book club, your twins’ school or sporting club, or join in a fun run and be sponsored by friends – the possibilities are endless to help in small ways that make a big difference. Let us know how we can support you.

  • Encourage other twins to join in

If you encounter other twins in your daily life, please encourage them to join you in twin research. As a TRA member, you are the ideal person to explain what it involves, how to register, and why you enjoy it.

Previous experience and qualifications are not mandatory. Our volunteers really do make a difference.


Register your interest

If you are interested in being a volunteer for TRA, please email our team at info@twins.org.au with details of your skills, interest and availability.

Your gift will fund research into the most pressing concerns of multiple-birth families.

Did you know – over the past 40 years, multiple births have nearly doubled? But our health knowledge, services and practices have failed to keep pace with the increasing numbers and changing needs of multiple-birth families.

Our landmark report, Multiple Perspectives (see media story for its main findings) gives us a clear view of the issues, complications and stresses that many multiple-birth families experience daily.

All 100% of your gift will go towards research into areas such as physical, mental health and financial stresses experienced by multiple-birth families, and new initiatives to improve education for health professionals and parents.

Armed with evidence-based findings from our research, we can advocate to improve health outcomes for multiple-birth families. Bringing together governments, health professionals and educators with our families and community groups to make a lasting difference.

Help us to support all multiple-birth families to live happy and healthy lives.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible

How to donate:

Please click here to donate through the University of Melbourne website
Freecall 1800 037 021
Read more about this option here
Donate by mail using this form here

As a twin - or a parent, relative or friend of twins - what better way to leave a lasting legacy than to support future research involving twins.

After you’ve provided for your loved ones, please consider leaving a gift in your Will to Twins Research Australia.


How a gift in your Will can make a difference

A bequest to TRA will help us to continue to place twin studies at the forefront of health and medical research for generations to come. Twin research has the power to transform our understanding of disease and to contribute to cures to benefit all of humankind.

TRA relies upon the generosity of people like you. While TRA currently receives some government support, it does not cover all of our operating costs or research priorities……and there is no certainty that this support will continue in the long-term.

Your gift through a bequest can make a very real difference. With a safe financial future, TRA is better able to support more and diverse research to address the most pressing health concerns of our world both now and into the future.

Meryl is a twin and TRA member who suffered a life-threatening illness and chose to leave a bequest to TRA as a lasting contribution to finding cures and helping others. Read her story here.


Why choose Twins Research Australia?

TRA is unique – we are the only dedicated facility in Australia bringing twins and researchers together for vital health research to benefit the health of everyone.

There is no more powerful way to investigate genetic and environmental influences on health and disease than twin research. Twin research has contributed to important insights into just about every known medical condition including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, epilepsy, asthma, cancer and mental health.

Twin research is also at the forefront of new technologies that have the potential to deliver breakthrough understanding of disease prevention and treatment. Through epigenetic research, for example, twins are teaching us that the way genes affect our health is not fixed and can be changed by the environment.

Twin research offers the potential to fast-track research and to find cures faster. Twins bring known genetic and environmental factors to a study, thus saving time and resources in establishing base-line data for research. Also our state-of-the-art database of 70,000 volunteer twins – one of the biggest in the world – matches eligible twins to relevant research projects. This means researchers don’t have to undertake their own time-consuming and costly searches for study participants. 


How can I find out more?

If you would like to talk confidentially to someone about including TRA in your Will, you can call TRA's Kate Murphy on 03-9035-4625 or email her at murphyks@unimelb.edu.au. Kate can discuss with you, without any obligation, the ways in which you can leave a bequest to us and what your bequest will achieve.

If you intend leaving a gift or have already included TRA in your Will, please let us know so that we can thank you and recognise your contribution in your lifetime. This will also help us to effectively plan for TRA's financial future. Full confidentiality can be assured if that is your wish.

Fundraising has never been so fun and easy!

Get creative, brainstorm fun ideas, gather support from your twin, families and friends and start fundraising for charity today! You can make a positive difference in people’s lives by helping to find cures faster.

As a twin, you are the ideal person to encourage others to donate to a cause that you’re passionate about. Most people don’t realise that twin research is not just for twins but benefits everyone.

You may like to hold a morning tea at your work during Multiple Birth Awareness Week, at your book club, or your twins’ school or sporting club, join in a fun run and be sponsored by friends – the possibilities are endless to help in small ways that make a big difference.

The TRA team is here to help. Please let us know of your fundraising event and we can help with small gifts for your guests (e.g. TRA pens), handouts about twin research etc. We may also be able to help with promoting your event.

Twins Research Australia relies on the generous support of the community to help us continue our important work.

To start fundraising, contact info@twins.org.au or free call 1800 037 021.

Get involved in shaping Twins Research Australia’s future by becoming a Friend of TRA.


You may already be a TRA member and participate in our research projects. Becoming a friend of TRA gives you some direct involvement in how TRA operates. As a member you can: 

  • Receive invitations to forums to provide input into our projects
  • Take part in events in your local area, such as the Twins Plus Festival, media events and fundraising
  • Pilot new studies
  • Connect with others, meet new people and build friendships.


Joining the Friends of TRA is open to any Australian resident who is a current TRA member. Becoming a member is free.


To become a Friend of TRA, complete the Friends of TRA form (please include home and mobile number). You will be contacted when an opportunity becomes available.


For more information about Friends of TRA, please contact us.

Partnerships underpin all of Twins Research Australia’s work, from our connections with twins, researchers, research and health-care institutes, philanthropic trusts, community, government and business. Meet some of our current partners.

Our success relies heavily on these partnerships to ensure that we have the best people, resources and knowledge available to advance the vital work of twin research to benefit all Australians. Without them, we simply would not have the resources or funds to carry out our work.

Twins Research Australia has a strong track record of establishing and building long-term, meaningful relationships that have delivered significant benefits and desired outcomes for our partners and the community.

TRA’s national reach, global networks, innovative approach, 70,000-strong membership base, and our focus on health make us well placed to help your business. From building staff engagement programs, enhancing your brand profile or engaging stakeholders.

How can my business, clients and staff benefit?

Your business will benefit through an integrated partnership with Twins Research Australia, which will:

• Demonstrate your company's commitment to the local communities in which you operate;
• Provide a point-of-difference from your competitors;
• Improve employee wellbeing and increase job satisfaction;
• Demonstrate good corporate citizenship;
• Support health research that can benefit your employees, their families, and the whole community.

Business ways to support us

Because every organisation is unique, we will work with you to build a tailored partnership to meet your corporate social responsibility and community investment objectives to deliver tangible benefits.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

• Partner with us through the sponsorship of one of our programs or events. We offer unique program sponsorship opportunities that deliver tangible and measurable benefits;
• Make a donation to support our programs;
• Inspire and motivate your staff through workplace giving or;
• Getting staff involved in fun fundraising activities and team building opportunities like fun runs, cycling events;
• Engage your customer base through a cause related partnership and demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility;
• Provide in-kind goods and/or services to support special events and/or the work of TRA.

To discuss opportunities for your business, please contact us.

Twins Research Australia

Address: 3/207 Bouverie St
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Freecall: 1800 037 021

Email: info@twins.org.au

ABN: 84 002 705 224

Twins Research Australia is a national resource supported by a Centre of Research Excellence Grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council and housed within the University of Melbourne.

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