Channa Marsh; PhD student, University of WA

“I would like to thank Twins Research Australia for their financial assistance which allowed me to attend the TRA seminar “Why and how twin studies are valuable for your research” held on September 13th, 2016, in Melbourne, Australia. As a PhD student from The University of Western Australia (UWA), TRA provided me with financial assistance to travel from Perth (WA) to attend their one-day seminar.

My PhD research involves myself being “thrown in the deep end” of genetics and heritability by utilising identical and fraternal twins to assess the heritability of certain health responses as a result of exercise. This is why the seminar was very useful for my PhD in providing insight and knowledge in twin research. Although the weather in Melbourne was miserable and dreary, the seminar was much the opposite. It catered for everyone interested in twin research covering topics from zygosity, why twin studies are so valuable, types of twin studies and why each is important, twin statistics and everything in between. The guest speakers talking about their own research was a fantastic insight into the direction that twin research could and is headed.

Walking away from this seminar, I was delighted to know that there were experts from TRA there to help me along every step of the way as they were very welcoming and passionate about twin research.”

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