Multiples are good for your health!

Twins, higher-order multiples* and their families are at the heart of all that we do. Based at the University of Melbourne, TRA brings twins, HOMs and researchers together Australia-wide for vital health research to benefit everyone. We also support your whole family to live happy and healthy lives with a wide variety of health resources.

Why research with multiples?

Twin research is the most powerful way to understand how genes and the environment impact our health and happiness. TRA studies have contributed to many health discoveries, especially into childhood conditions such as asthma, allergies, epilepsy, speech and learning disorders, and diabetes. Our studies also look at issues of specific concern to multiple-birth families, for example, premature birth, and social and education development.

Resources and education

As well as undertaking research, we support multiples to live happy and healthy lives. At our website you’ll find:

  • Findings from the latest twin health studies
  • Information about new studies commencing around Australia, and you are welcome to join in
  • Access to practical and evidence-based free resources e.g. Twin Pregnancy and Early Parenting Booklet, different types of twins
  • Access to discounted zygosity (DNA) testing to know for certain if your twins are identical or not
  • Invites to special multiple-birth events like forums and workshops
  • Our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where you can connect with others about multiple-birth health and research.

How do I join?
You can join us from when your twins are born with: access to our free resources; subscribe to our eNews; or volunteer to become involved in studies via this easy online step or freecall 1800 037 021. Membership is free.

TRA is open to twins and HOMs of all ages, identical and non-identical, males and females, well or with an existing medical condition. Today over 75,000 multiples and their families are TRA members.

Once you register with us, you are placed on our database and invited to join in relevant studies. Common study activities include filling out a questionnaire or a health check-up. You may be interested in some studies and not others, and that’s fine – you always have a choice whether to participate or not, and you can withdraw from a study or TRA at any time.

TRA is dedicated to helping our members to thrive, connect and belong at every age. Please join a community like no other: over 75,000 multiples and their families, sharing their special bond to enrich everyone’s lives.

Below are our most popular research articles for you to enjoy. You are welcome to download and share these with other multiple-birth families via your club, social media channels etc:

*Currently our research predominantly involves twins. This is because statistically, it is harder to analyse data from HOMs compared to twins. We do however very much encourage all multiple-birth families to join us as we believe our resources and community have much to offer.

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