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An important part of our work is to translate findings from our research back to the multiple-birth community. With this in mind, we’ve prepared the following articles about issues of particular concern to multiple-birth families. You are welcome to re-publish and share the stories and photos throughout your community. There is a PDF of each article available to download, along with logos and other information you may find useful.

If you have other issues that you would like to see covered, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You are also welcome to subscribe to our eNews (via the box on the right of each page) to access future stories.

What is Twins Research Australia?

Multiples are good for your health! Twins, higher-order multiples* and their families are at the heart of all that we do. Based at the University of Melbourne, TRA brings twins, HOMs and researchers ...

How can you be sure if your twins are identical or not - and does it matter?

A recent study found that nearly a third of twins were incorrect when asked to identify if they were identical or not. Why does it matter and how can you find out for sure? Mother of two-year-old twi...

Do twins run in your family?

It has long been understood that inheritance is a factor in non-identical (DZ) twinning. However, until recently researchers have been unsure exactly why. The main factors involved in DZ twinning are...

Twins in school

A big decision for many parents as their twins approach school age is whether to keep them in the same classroom or not. Everyone seems to have an opinion about whether twins should be separated at s...

What can epigenetics tell us about twin development?

As you would expect, five-year-old identical twins, Marcos and Gabriel have a great deal in common. They love playing outside, riding on their bikes and playing board games. But some differences are ...

Why twins are good for your health

At Twins Research Australia, we are frequently contacted by parents and twins who are unsure whether they are identical or not. Often this is out of pure curiosity more than anything else. However, w...

Twins brush up on dental health

Did you know that dental health plays a vital role in your twins’ overall health? Dental problems amongst children, such as toothache, can interfere with eating, sleeping and exercise and can r...

Miscellaneous resources

You are welcome to use our many resources. There are downloadable logos, a flyer for parents expecting twins (or who have twins) and one for learning more about if your twins are identical or not. Ple...

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