"Our mum and dad registered us in the Australian Twin Registry when we were just 10-months-old. Mum discovered the ATR through AMBA (the Australian Multiple Birth Association). As we have grown older, we have enjoyed being involved in various ATR studies.

For us, being a twin is like having a best friend with you who can support you and help you through any situation. We enjoy each other's company and have similar interests. Therefore, going to events like the Twins Plus Festival is a fantastic experience. It's not every day that you can find yourself surrounded by so many alike, yet unique individuals, who just happen to be siblings born at the same time.

One thing that we find happens quite frequently is that it seems people are constantly trying to make a division between us. Obviously, this can get quite irritating as we feel we share a special bond. On the other hand however, people may address us as one entity. "Whichever twin you are" or "twin 1 and twin 2" is something we are called quite often. We have similar thought patterns, as would any two siblings who are brought up together; however we can't "read each other's minds."

We feel it is important for twins to be acknowledged as unique individuals, as well as being able to celebrate their extraordinary relationship.

The ATR has given us many opportunities to commemorate our twinship and provided material which is both thought-provoking and fascinating. The registry is a well organised team of dedicated people who share their passion for working with twins and their families. Not only can we give back to our community by participating in studies, but we can also develop and grow as individuals whilst gaining more of an understanding of how science plays a huge part in the lives of twins."

Thanks to Sophie and Amanda Fontaine, 16, from Gippsland, Victoria who have so far participated in eight studies since joining the ATR as babies.

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