SBS Insight Twins Special


Published: Wednesday 23 November 2016

This special two part series looks at what the latest research about twins can tell us about ourselves.

Hosted by Jenny Brockie, the SBS Insight program features unique twin experiences and the latest findings from twin research.

It showcases the many amazing discoveries being made through twin research and how this research makes a difference to all of our lives.

TRA researchers – from educational psychologists to cancer researchers and epigeneticists - explain how similarities and differences between twins tell us much about the impact of genetics and the environment on areas as diverse as our health, sexuality, intellect and behaviour. The twins themselves, many of whom are TRA members, provide fascinating insights into how their special bond impacts their own lives.

To view some of the research findings presented please click on the SBS on Demand links below:

Why are Twins Important to Research?
Insights from the Older Australian Twins Study
How Twins Are Helping Us Learn More About Breast Cancer
What Can Twins Teach Us About Musical Ability?
What Can We Learn About Back Pain from Twins?


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