Eligibility: healthy same-sex twins (identical and non-identical) aged 18-45, living in Sydney.

This study aims to better understand the extent to which genetics influence how we move, and how much we move. A better understanding of the genetic influence on our movement and physical activity is crucial for both prevention and treatment of various diseases, including; cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal conditions, as people may be predisposed due to inactivity and abnormal movement.

What is involved?

Your participation in the study will involve:

  • Performing a variety of functional tasks whilst wireless sensors measure the movement occurring in your lower back. These tasks will include; single leg stance, hurdle step, squat, in-line lunge, bird dog, jogging, flexion and extension of the lower back from a standing position, and trunk rotation from a seated position. The ViMove wireless sensors (DorsaVi, Melbourne, Australia) are non-invasive and are attached to the lower back area using double sided stickers.
  • Wearing one or both of the following devices; the Axivity AX3 with 2 sensors attached to the right hip and lumbar area, and/or the Actigraph GT3X, which is attached to a belt, These devices are worn for 7 consecutive days in order to record the amount of time spent performing general activity and in particular positions, including; walking, standing, sitting and lying. After 7 days, the device will be posted back with the completed questionnaires, which asked about general physical activity and overall health to the researchers at no cost to the participant.
  • Five questionnaires regarding your health and function. Two questionnaires will be used to measure your knee function and ascertain your knee injury history. Individual questionnaires will also be used to measure your sleep quality, your physical activity, as well as the presence of and level of depression, anxiety and stress.

It is estimated that your attendance for data collection for the initial session will take no longer than 1 hour and 15 minutes. The second component of the study will be 7 days of wearing the device during your usual daily activity at home.

Who is eligible?

This study is open to all healthy same-sex twins (identical and non-identical) between the age of 18 and 45, living in Sydney

Would you like to get involved?

If you would like to participate or find out more please contact us.


No new invitations are being sent for this study but it’s not too late to respond if you already have one.

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