Twin studies need you

A twin study of breast cancer and epigenetics There is some scientific evidence that growth in early life, and especially during adolescence when breasts develop, could be playing a role in determinin... Read more >

Not all twins share a special language

Learning to speak and to be understood is a milestone some of us find more difficult than others. Identifying why some children encounter speech and language issues is crucial to learning more about t... Read more >

Twin research shows us that our teachers may be doing a better job than we think

It is often assumed that differences in teacher characteristics are the main source of variability in children’s educational achievements. Estimating and understanding teacher effects is important n... Read more >

The ATR's latest project

If you have a current email address you may have recently received an invitation to participate in a new ATR initiative - our health and lifestyle questionnaire. ... Read more >

The ATR's iPad comp; we have a winner!

Thank you to all of our members for updating their contact details as part of our recent iPad competition. ... Read more >

Jamie Daddo: A different canvas

While their lives may have taken different paths, identical twin brothers, Jamie and Andrew Daddo, remain close. Jamie is an artist and poet while his brother Andrew is a TV presenter. Jamie has just ... Read more >

Australia Day honour for twin researcher

A simple flyer caught the attention of a young researcher, Professor Sam Berkovic, nearly 30 years ago and inspired him to begin a life-time's work with twins. ... Read more >

Are we doing a good job?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what we are doing right – and more importantly where we need to improve. Initiatives such as our Member's Satisfaction Survey are crucial in helping us to learn... Read more >

Teenage twins ATR experience

"Our mum and dad registered us in the Australian Twin Registry when we were just 10-months-old. Mum discovered the ATR through AMBA (the Australian Multiple Birth Association). As we have grown older,... Read more >

Healthier kids conference: Insights from twin research

The first of its kind in Australia, the afternoon session of this conference is free for our members and their families. You will have a unique opportunity to update your knowledge in research, twin p... Read more >

Twin studies need you

Speech and language studySpeech and language disorders disrupt the natural flow of communication and can impact on self-esteem, school, work and general well-being – not to mention the effect they c... Read more >

Fun facts about twins

Parents of twins know only too well the mystique that surrounds them; but how many of you are aware of these twin facts? ... Read more >

Tracking the health of ATR twins

Did you know that everyone who completes our Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire is automatically entered into a draw to win an iPad? ... Read more >

Twins raised apart: The research behind the stories

Leading American twin researcher and author, Dr Nancy Segal, is in Australia this month as a guest of the ATR. She tells us how she came to devote her life to studying twins, especially twins raised a... Read more >

Twin study reveals clues to type-2 diabetes

A twin study is shedding new light on our understanding of type-2 diabetes and helping to explain why one identical twin may suffer from the disease while the other doesn't. ... Read more >

Twin gifts especially for Christmas

Identical and non-identical twins are urgently needed to join new health studies commencing around Australia. Please join in and help in research that benefits everyone at www.twins.org.au, email twin... Read more >

Unmissable 2015 Australian Twins Plus Festival

Experience the magic of joining thousands of other twins – and their families and friends – for an event like no other in Australia. ... Read more >

Share in our best twin moments

The ATR team extends to you and your family our best wishes for a safe and happy festive season, and we thank you for your contribution to an amazing year for the registry. ... Read more >

Studies reveals connection between fat taste and obesity

Deakin University health researchers have found that people who do not taste fat in food are more likely to overeat, adding weight to the growing body of research that points to a connection between f... Read more >

Unlocking epilepsy

Professors Sam Berkovic and Ingrid Scheffer have changed the way the world thinks about epilepsy. ... Read more >

Twin research reveals our teachers are doing a better job

It is often assumed that differences in teacher characteristics are the main source of variability in children’s educational achievements. Estimating and understanding teacher effects is important n... Read more >

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