Identical and non-identical twins are urgently needed to join new health studies commencing around Australia. Please join in and help in research that benefits everyone at or freecall 1800-037-021.

Why do some people consume excess fat?
Obesity is a major public health issue. Its causes are complex and include inactivity, eating too much, and having an unhealthy diet, especially if it involves excess fat. Researchers at Deakin University are examining the role of genetics in how much fat is consumed by a person. Twins take part in a 12 week program where each pair is randomly placed on either a high fat or low fat diet. The study is open to twins aged 16 years and over, and able to attend Deakin University Sensory Lab in Melbourne.

The genetics of singing ability
This world-first study aims to explore the genetic and environmental components to singing ability via an online assessment. Open to twins aged 15 and above, with or without singing ability. You will need a computer with microphone, flash player and internet access to participate.

Why do we get addicted? A twin study of the relationships between impulsive and compulsive behaviours
Most of us have some degree of impulsivity and/or compulsivity and this study aims to gain a greater understanding of the extent to which genetics and environmental factors explain why people differ in these types of behaviours. All adult twin pairs, aged 18–55 years and able to complete an online questionnaire, are eligible to participate.

Atrial fibrillation
This study is examining the interaction between environmental factors and genes which result in an increased risk of heart atrial fibrillation. Twin pairs or higher number multiples, where at least one individual has a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, are eligible to participate.

Type 2 diabetes and brain function
This study is examining how type 2 diabetes contributes to the risk of dementia. It is open to twin pairs aged 50 years and older, where only one twin has type 2 diabetes.

Photo: Twin tenors, Daniel and Mathew Thomson, join in the twin singing ability study with country and western singers, Yolanda and Yasmin Obsolom.

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