Our ambassadors come from all walks of life – but are unified in their passionate support of twin research.

We thank these wonderful ambassadors for raising awareness and support for twin research, and Twins Research Australia. 

Craig and Brenton Gurney

Identical twin brothers, Craig and Brenton Gurney’s moving story of dealing with cancer caught national media attention. They told their story in the hope of inspiring other twins to join twin research....more

Laura and Emily Sayers

Celebrity identical twins, Laura and Emily Sayers, who starred in Channel 9’s The Block, are downing their renovation tools to spread the word about the importance of twins to medical research...more

Ged Kearney

ACTU President Ged Kearney is a former health care worker and the mother of twins. She hopes to combine these experiences with her national profile to give back to the multiple-birth community and twin research...more