Our small but passionate management team, based in Melbourne, provides professional and academic services; runs day-to-day operations, and supports TRA initiatives. We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of service to our members, researchers and supporters. We are interested to hear your ideas, concerns and questions so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Director, Professor John Hopper
  • Deputy Director, Associate Professor Jeff Craig
  • Deputy Director, Kate Murphy
  • Manager, Jenny Boadle
  • Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Lynette Walker
  • Statistician, Katrina Scurrah
  • Project Support and Communications, Shaie O’Brien
  • Research Assistant, Tessa Cutler
  • Project Support and Administration, Janine Lam
  • PhD student and Research Assistant, Lucas Ferreira
  • Member support, Jodie Lipman and Sallie Savi
  • Graphic design, Douglas Sedunary

Supporting roles:

  • Centre Programmer, Lupiya Mujala
  • Head of Centre Research Computing, Adrian Bickerstaffe